You Are All Missing Out On Elementary Stuff People

6.060.000 results reports Google on the query "back door". Another common two word object such as "kitchen table" has 4.470.000 results. I would say a back door is pretty elementary, and pretty much everyone uses it in their daily routine, it is therefore quite horrific to find out that "back door" did not have its own wiki page! Therefore I announce the existence of new wiki entry: back door. With my entry I made myself one of the few elitists who brought you other elementaries like god and electricity. I bet 'back door' is even a more common element around the world than these other topics would ever become.

At this time nobody seems to dare to touch it. In all seriousness, there is no fooling around on the topic of back door of course. Though this could be because of the five references used for just a couple lines of text, it's simply watertight. I believe references can easily be used to establish your own observations, making it wiki approved when there are a certain amount of references, common to a subject. A back door in itself is quite a unimaginative and straightforward topic. A back door 'strategy' like 'let them sleep' did not exist before, except perhaps unconsciously, until you connect references to it supporting this observation. Using this approach it could be possible to connect all sorts of silly relevance to back door, what about 'back door conveniences' connecting unloading a truck using the back door due to accessibility and privacy concerns of the regular street. Kitchen table is open for entry as well.


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